Men Leading On Women

Over the years, multiple women have told me that I broke their heart. It’s one of the most emotionally painful things that can hit your eardrums or your soul — knowing you were the cause of hurt and pain for someone else. If you’ve ever been heartbreaking, you know how awful the feeling is; hearing … Continue reading Men Leading On Women

The Spark

Not only did I date more this year than in any of the previous 26 of my life, but I probably dated more this year than in the previous five years combined. That’s not an exaggeration, and we’re only in mid-October. Above all else, there is one thing I look for in determining whether or not I … Continue reading The Spark

Pit stops

Whether it’s in conversation or something I’m writing, I almost always refer to the journey of dating as “the road to love,” because I honestly can’t think of a better analogy. You start at one place, hoping to reach a final destination. Much like any road trip, there are a number of things that can happen between … Continue reading Pit stops

Truth Serum

We lie all the time — to our families, to our friends, to the people we love. There are times when it seems like it’s the best option, and others when it feels like the only option. But it’s hard to lie to ourselves. Actually, it’s damn near impossible. Sure, we can think the thought … Continue reading Truth Serum


I don’t want you to make love with me. I don’t want you to kiss me. I don’t even want you to agree to a date with me. I don’t want any of it if you don’t mean it. There’s a difference between sleeping with someone and making love with them. There’s a difference between … Continue reading Don’t