Shirts and Giggles

I’m an odd bird. I won’t dispute this unequivocal fact. One of the many traits that makes me such an odd bird is that I have an uncanny ability to remember, of all things, articles of clothing. It’s not unusual for me to remember what I was wearing on a certain day, or even someone else. … Continue reading Shirts and Giggles

An Uncertain Future

For a guy who (admittedly) has a horrendous memory, certain things remain as vivid to me as they were the moment they happened. I still remember walking down the hall to the conference room. I still remember my legs shaking with each step. I still remember what I was wearing. I still remember the conversation … Continue reading An Uncertain Future

Addicted To You

Deep down, we were probably bound to cross paths again somehow. It was always just a matter of when that day would come. When it came, what would it look it? How would it feel? The funny thing is that I not only saw it coming, but also tried to avoid it. Part of me … Continue reading Addicted To You

Men Leading On Women

Over the years, multiple women have told me that I broke their heart. It’s one of the most emotionally painful things that can hit your eardrums or your soul — knowing you were the cause of hurt and pain for someone else. If you’ve ever been heartbreaking, you know how awful the feeling is; hearing … Continue reading Men Leading On Women

The Spark

Not only did I date more this year than in any of the previous 26 of my life, but I probably dated more this year than in the previous five years combined. That’s not an exaggeration, and we’re only in mid-October. Above all else, there is one thing I look for in determining whether or not I … Continue reading The Spark