This is 30

It’s official: I’m old. I’m kidding. I’m sure I’ll say the same thing a decade from now, but there is something about turning 30 that makes it seem like there’s an even greater loss of youth than any other age. You’re not a teenager anymore; you’re not in your crazy college years anymore; you’re (probably) … Continue reading This is 30

Don’t Irk The Inked: How To Act Around Tattooed People

Today marks four years since my first tattoo, and along the way I’ve added about a dozen more to my long and lanky frame. I’m honestly a completely different person since getting inked, and I couldn’t imagine having the confidence I do without them. Tattoos affect everyone differently, and everyone has different reasons for getting … Continue reading Don’t Irk The Inked: How To Act Around Tattooed People

D.A.R.E. To Be Great

It’s been nearly two decades, yet I can still remember sitting in Mr. Thomas’ fifth-grade classroom with my D.A.R.E. essay contest entry ready to read it aloud. I can’t tell you what it said (outside of the fact that it was anti-drug and anti-alcohol), but knowing my mother, she probably still has it stashed somewhere … Continue reading D.A.R.E. To Be Great