Help Me To Understand

One thought on “Help Me To Understand”

  1. Without saying if I am for or against President Trump, the best answer I can give to these questions is this, I may not “support” all of our past/present/future presidents, however, I RESPECT THEM! Why? Because they are the leader of our country and I was taught respect! There have always been views of Presidents that I have agreed and disagreed with, but I am an adult and move on from it! If any 1 person feels they are able to do a better job, well then they should run for office (as we now know from Trump, there’s no experience necessary). I didn’t agree with our past president not wearing a flag to most conferences, I didn’t agree with Clinton cheating on his wife, in the White House with his secretary (or whatever she was). But I am able to move on from it! I don’t rally, I don’t whine and make memes about them! I pray and hope that every president has their best interest for us as the people of this Country.
    So, with all seriousness please help me to understand how President Trump can do no right?


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